1What do I need to do before the contractors arrive?
Prior to our arrival, we respectfully ask that there are plenty of available outlets to plug in the necessary tools. Oftentimes, and in the event of bad weather, we recommend using the garage as a work area. We also ask that you please move the furniture away from the walls by at least 30 inches, so that we have room to work and move ladders easily around the room.
2Do I need to be there for the installation process?
No. We only require that someone is there to meet our team prior to getting started, and that there is someone around to inspect our work upon completion.
3When, if ever, do you use subcontractors?
Kitchen & Bath Square never uses subcontractors. The painters and carpenters that come into your home are all employees of the company.
4Are your projects covered by insurance and do you have licenses?
Yes to both. Our work is covered under general liability, worker’s compensation, and auto and equipment insurance. We will gladly provide proof of these insurances and our state of Pennsylvania licensing upon request.
5Are you part of a larger franchise?
No. Our company is owned and operated by individuals who are involved on each project. Our company strives to provide personal attention to each and every valued customer that hires us to work in their home.
6Can you work on a condo?
Yes. We have the expertise to work on condos and apartments. In those cases, we will still need a place to set up our equipment. Typically, a balcony is the best place to do so.
7Is the work you provide warrantied?
Yes. All of our work comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of installation, and covers the materials and installation.